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's military action in syria and how it could impact the u.s. given that turkey is our nato allive. we'll talk live with a retired four-star general moments from now. jenna: a serious story we'll continue to watch. through developments on a deadly outbreak of meningitis that spread to several states sparking a nation-wide investigation. the suspected source is now pinpointed not to one person but to one pharmacy. rick folbaum is at the breaking news decks. >> an important story. there is a common link as you mentioned, a pharmacy in massachusetts. it's called the new england compounding center. this is a place where a medication was made that doctors prescribe to treat back pain. the drug was shipped to other pharmacies where so far 26 people have come down with a rare form of meningitis something called fungal meningitis. four people have died so far. the states affected, virginia, maryland, florida, north carolina. the most cases turning up in tennessee. fungal meningitis is not contagious, that's why they are not looking for a person. it can't be passed from person-to-person. investigators
to the u.s. program. this woman lost two sons to "fast and furious" guns. >> they feel helpless. they don't know what to do. we interview one of them and they say, who is going to pay for this? >> reporter: it could be the u.s. government, should the family of border agent brian terry prevail in their wrongful death claim. >> the people can go and sue in the united states with american lawyers that would be a very interesting development certainly. >> reporter: for its part the mexican government has remained largely silent, unwilling to criticize its northern neighbor. >> our political elites only worried about obtaining the next position and they and benefits they obtain being in politics. >> reporter: now univision aired its one hour special last night. it alleged that the u.s. ran a second gun-running operation, castaway out of tampa, that knowingly supplied guns to cartels in colombia and honduras. the sad part of this, gregg, out of 2000 guns in "fast and furious" we can only account for about 800. so the karnage will continue for years to come. gregg: a lot of guns remaining out th
there is daniel yergin. he is an expert on oil and gas. and this report shows that the u.s. unconventional oil and gas industry is already adding an estimated 1.7 million jobs to the u.s. economy and that number is expected to basically double in 20 years to more than 3.4 million jobs. so this is really interesting report that's raising a lot of eyebrows because it is also estimating how much the unconventional oil and natural gas industry which is essentially fracking will add to u.s. gdp the estimates 237 billion bucks this year to gdp is being added and that will rise to $475 billion in the next couple of decades, jenna. jenna: that gives us and indication where real job growth could potentially come from. liz, that is something we're continuing to watch. thank you so much. >> reporter: sure. delighted. jon: this fox news weather alert. it had been tropical storm sandy but the folks at the national hurricane center in miami just now upgraded this thing that you see swirling there south of jamaica and cuba, it has been upgraded to a hurricane. the forecast track is still the same. expected t
in the murders of four americans at the u.s. consulate in libya. government sources now saying within hours of thatattan station received about a dozen intelligence reports suggesting that militants connected to al qaeda were involved in that attack. now despite those reports, top u.s. intelligence officials spent nearly two weeks claiming the attack was spontaneous while playing down the involvement of militant groups. ambassador john bolton is former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. big picture here. what do you think the cost is to the united states on the world stage that we're continuing to discuss this infighting who knew what when and not going out and getting the people that committed this act? >> well, i think it shows that there's desorganization within the state department, within the administration, about exactly what happened and i think that is a signal of vulnerability potentially at other embassies in the middle east or around the world. i think the consequence we need most here we need to find the people who actually perpetrated the attack and either el
with a cinder block. reports of a homicide. in the u.s. citizen who lives in boboston was on a flight from japan. they busted this gentleman at lax with a body bag and a grenade and a hatchet in his luggage. and police say they found more than 100 hours of secretly taped video from the encounter with this gentleman. jon: just in from the defense minister in brussels, where leon panetta is now asking for help, training security forces in afghanantan. he is explaining that the u.s. has created a disproportionate number of military training teams. he is calling on europe to pick up on the shortage. what else came out of this visit to nato? >> one of the main aims of the visit to brussels will be aligned together in the wake of all of these insider attacks. >> we have to remain committed to the principles and togetherness. we want to help afghanistan security government itself. as i said to my fellow ministers, we have come too far, far too many battles, we have spilled too much blood. not to finish the job we were all about. >> he also took the opportunity to announce a change in command. read gene
terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. fox news sources telling us cia officers on the ground in benghazi during the attack sent requests for help but were denied. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, jon. well sources who were on the ground in benghazi during the attack tell fox news that in fact there were three separate requests to aid not only the attack that was occurring at the consulate and to try to help with that attack but also requests for outside help, outside military help to help once there were gunfire and firefights at the cia annex. those requests, we're told, came from higher headquarters. they were told to stand down. as you know, glen doherty and tyrone woods, the former navy seals were over at the cia annex at about 9:40 p.m. when the first shots were heard at the consulate where the ambassador and his team were taking fire. i'm told that they radioed to their higher headquarters that they wanted permission to go and help the ambassador, help the ambassador's team. at that ti
in charles river. jonathan dailies remain weighted down wh a cinder block. reports of a homicide. in the u.s. citizen who lives in boston was on a flight from japan. they bustd this gentleman at lax wi a body bag and aen a ethi luggage. and police say they found more than 100 hours of secretly taped video from the encounter with thisetlem j hdfse stn brselswhere leon panetta is now asking for help, trning security forces in afghantan. he is explaining that the u.s. has created a disproportionate number of military training teams. upnt shortage.urtop what else came out of this visit to nato? >>ne of the main aims of the visit to brussels will be aligned together in the wake of all of these insiderat. to pipadi togetherness. we want tohelp afghanistan security government itself. as i said to my fellow ministers, w have come too far, far too manytl, we have spild tomuchbod toniejew about. >> he also took the opportunity to announce a change in command. ad ee - a general job will take his place in november. joso what are the other details? >> the war officially enlast december with more tn 200
is underway for the killer or killers of a u.s. border patrol agent. border patrol officials confirming that an agent was shot and killed overnight, another agent sustained nonlife threatening injuries. this happened just north of the arizona border of naco not far from where brian terry was shot and killed back in december of 2010. we're going to have a live report on all the breaking details in just a moment. >>> but first, right now some brand new stories and breaking news this hour. gregg: that's right. we are counting down to the first presidential faceoff. president obama, governor mitt romney cramming for their first debate tomorrow night in denver. and new questions about whether the president's health care law could soon be back before the u.s. supreme court. judge andrew napolitano weighs in. >>> and jaw-dropping pictures you won't want to miss. wait until you see what cameras caught when discovery tv intentionally crashed a 727 jet liner in an investigation, where's the safest place for you to sit when you fly? we're going to show you, all "happening now." gregg: hello, every
terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four americans as a series of e-mails come out showing how much the obama administration knew about this deadly attack in benghazi and how soon those in power knew it. fox news told the assault on the consulate may not be isolated incident. chief correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. what do we mean by that, catherine? >> reporter: head of the house intelligence committee tells fox news he believes the second attack on the u.s. embassy in tunisia on september 14th was the work of ansar al-sharia, the same islamist group blamed for benghazi. three days after ambassador stevens and four other americans were murdered in libya the u.s. embassy in tunisia was ransacked by protesters, smashing windows and throwing rocks and lighting fires. the american school in tunis was also targeted. >> same organization. so might not have been the same people involved but same organization. clearly they decided to try to take advantage of the momentum of 9/11. clearly that was their case. and they had moderate success. >>
for more security in the run-up to the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. republicans pounced on that claim pointing to testimony the day before from the state department officials that said there had been earlier requests for more security staffing. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on all this. the catherine. >> reporter: good morning. on libya the vice president blamed the intelligence community for bad assessments that informed the administration public and controversyal statements about the attack and suggested the white house was unaware for more requests on the ground in libya. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security again. by the way, at the time we were told exactly, we said exactly what the intelligence community towed us. that they knew. that was the assessment. and as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. that's why i said we will get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: but during the four hour hearing wednesday before
to death in self-defense. jon: new arrest in a murder on the u.s.-mexico border. texas couple, david and tiffany hartley went jet-sking on falcon lake which straddles the border just over two years ago. they were out checking out church ruins submerged, half submerged on the mexican side of the lake. tiffany says pirates in three small boats started chasing them, shooting her husband in the head and gunning for her until she made it back to land. mexican police have been searching for the mysterious killers for two years. now they have made an arrest. this man, a drug cartel leader, who goes by the nickname of, squirrel. joining us on the phone the sheriff of zapata county, texas. is this a guy you have heard of? has he been on your radar, sheriff gonzalez? >> honestly know. we identified five individuals that had something to do with the killing of david that are low level i guess you could say. also an immediate yacht supervisor that gave orders to kill tiffany also. this individual is someone new to us. we were not aware he had any involvement. of course he is higher ranking i gue
at the u.s. consulate the night of the deadly siege are sharing their story, giving a blow-by-blow account of what went down from the explosions that started it all to the group of terrorists who suddenly overran the compound and set off a long firefight. when it was all over and the guards finally evacuated the compound, looters moved in, and they were the ones -- according to this new report -- who found ambassador stevens still breathing and still, well, gripping to life but unconscious at that time. joining us now is the author of this report, stephen -- [inaudible] he's in benghazi, he's a writer for time magazine, and we just want to mention that to our viewers, steven, because sometimes the connection can be a little spotty. what stands out to you from the conversation that you had with the guards on the ground? >> well, first of all, thank you for having me, glad to be with you. um, first of all, there was no protest outside the u.s. 'em embassy in benghazi on september 11th. i've spoken with many of the libyan guards, all the libyan guards who were on duty, and they've all relayed
bureau. leland. >> reporter: right now we can confirm that the israeli air force has put a u.s.-made patriot missile battery in northern israel to defend against any future drone strikes or drone launches. right now the israelis are very worried about. this is a significant step forward for whichever enemy of the jewish state has long range, over the horizon reconnaissance drones. most dramatic video as the israeli air force scrambled 515 and f-16 jets, that happened over southern israel deep into israeli airspace. we think the drone was reconnaissance drone. we don't think it had a warhead or any type of explosives on it. let me set the scene with the map. we know the drone flew in over the western mediterranean, across the gaza strip into surgeon israel. you can see where it was intercepted and blown up by the explosion south of hebron. the patriot missile battery that sits in haifa. if hezbollah were to launch another drone over the land border or out to sea that patriot missile battery would be able to intercept it. so far from hezbollah no confirmation but iranian televisi
scott. sourcers telling fox news that the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi might have been part of a broader effort to drive out american and the western presence from libya. these sources telling fox that scores of security insurance tkepblts prior to 9/11, including some on western targets in the benghazi area indicated a possible ominous pattern. also new "associated press" report says the cia station chief in libya let washington know within 24 hours of that murder raid that terrorists were behind it. that would contradict the spontaneous attack theory pressed by some in obama administration officials for several days after the incident. chief washington correspondent james rosen has breaking details on that. >> reporter: with these latest disclosures and with president obama's appearance on the daily show last night the mystery of what he and his aides knew about benghazi and when has only deep end. the show's host liberal comedian jon stewart asked about the administration's confusion over what had happened. the president supplied the u.s. government is a big ope
of moammar qaddafi. this attack on the u.s. consulate june 6th with an ied planted in the ledge of the perimeter wall is described to fox as a probing attack to measure the u.s. response. this incident coupled with attacks on the international red cross and this rpg attack on the british ambassador in benghazi also in june suggests a pattern to drive western influence from that city, part of the broader effort by the al-qaida affiliate and ansar al sharia to establish in libya. >> the policies of leading from behind are now compounded by the policies of leading from afar which goes right to your point of pushing the cia and other people out of their areas so there can be sang which are reareas for them. i think that is an accurate assessment that they are trying to create more sanctuary areas by pushing us out, our diplomats and military. >> reporter: dianne feinstein says that an intelligence mistake was to blame for the controversy over the attack in benghazi and what caused it, and she is blaming the director of national intelligence james clapper, you see him there on the ri
slammed into the u.s. mainland and left behind a trail of devastation. at least 18 people are dead across seven states and more than seven million now without power. you have huge portions of the state of new jersey underwater at this hour, including the resort town of atlantic city. where floodwaters swamped buildings and stranded many motorists. new jersey's governor, chris christie, weighing in on the damage earlier today. >> i will first say to all of you, especially those out there facing loss, devastation, and heartbreaking reality your home may be gone, we're with you. we have a long road ahead of us but i have complete confidence we're going to come out of this better and stronger than before. this state is too tough to give into this type of devastation. jenna: we're still getting a look at some of that devastation in new jersey. across the river in new york city, much of lower manhattan was plunged into darkness as the storm closed in on the city last night. it hurled a record-breaking 13 foot storm surge into the southern tip of the island right where jon was standing yesterday
plans to ask the president to assign the u.s. army corps of engineers to start working on rebuilding the state's beaches. jenna: we'll continue to watch that development. part of the story. meantime the president cancels another day of campaigning governor mitt romney is focusing on key battleground state of florida. this as we take a live look what is a rally in tampa. you see the stage sort of in the distance there. that is where former governor jeb bush will appear at any moment with mitt romney. the pair will travel to coral gables and jacksonville for two morallies later day. janice dean mentioned we are less than a week away from election day. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in tampa with it all. hey, carl. >> reporter: hi, jenna. romney is eager to get back in the campaign saddle after day and a half lull for the sandy disaster. mr. romney has three events here in florida, a key battleground state where the polls continue to tighten. we've been telling everybody for year-and-a-half this is likely to end up close in a number of key battleground states as well
and the other 9/11 conspirators at gitmo, this man, salim hamdan. had his conviction overturned by the u.s. appeals in washington, d.c. he was bin laden's driver. he was convicted of terrorism but the court of appeals thrown out the conviction saying it was not a war crime at the time. more ahead. jon: from arizona to the highest court in the land, the united states supreme court set to weigh in on arizona's voter i.d. law enacted in 2004. the high court will decide whether arizona can require residents to show proof of citizenship before voting. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst with more on that. so the voters of arizona said, if you're going to vote we want you to show identification, prove you're an american citizen, right? >> well there's two things here. the arizona statute which requires that you show that you are registered to vote in arizona has not been disturbed. so the so-called voter i.d., which half a dozen states have, one of which is arizona, is the law and people at the polling places, this november in arizona can ask for identification. the issue i
atlanta. jonathan? >> reporter: hi, jon. auto manufacturing has certainly become a bright spot in the u.s. economy responding to increased consumer demand. carmakers, both foreign and domestic, are adding literally thousands of jobs to their u.s. plants. in addition to new highs they're also bringing back some experienced workers who were laid off during the recession. although some of these experienced workers may find it's not exactly the same job when it comes to payday. listen. >> the benefits packages have definitely been lower and a lot of those plants are not unionized. so that has been some of the discussion. uaw has been interested in unionizing some of those plants. so far all of them have resisted. >> reporter: even union shops have agreed to lower pay and benefits as part of the restructuring of the big three automakers but the increase in auto manufacturing jobs is expected to have multiplier effect in other parts of the economy. the center for automotive research estimates each job at a car plant generates nine additional jobs at other businesses such as restaurants, adverti
: jenna. jenna: another top story. new u.s. envoy in libya pledging american support following the attack more than a month ago. his criticism for the obama administration as well as the media handled this attack. chief washington correspondent james rosen live from washington with more. hi, james. >> reporter: gin that, with the presidential election less than a month away the news media, not congress will be primary source about new disclosures for the benghazi case. the schedule makes it unlikely we'll see any congressional hearings between now and election day. thursday's vice-presidential debate only deepened the mystery around the obama's administration stance on the murder of chris stevens and three other americans. that the intelligence community fed the white house and national security council a deeply flawed assessment of what took place in benghazi on 9/11. >> either they're misleading the american people or incredibly incompetent. there was no way with anybody looking at all you could believe five days after the attack it was based on a riot that never occurred. there was no
. now a new call to add those responsible to the u.s. foreign terrorist list. house homeland security committee chairman peter king is calling on secretary of state hillary clinton to take action. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been following the story since the beginning. she is joining us live from washington. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. one theme dominated at hearings yesterday on capitol hill. it was that official washington was preoccupied with reducing the number of american security personnel at the consulate and replacing them with libyan guards even after a series of attacks on diplomats. for the military and state department diplomatic security personnel on the ground a terrorist strike according to the testimony seemed inevitable give the escalating violence. requests for more security rejected in the bureaucratic nightmare of political washington. >> it's not the hardships, it is not the gunfire, it is not the threats. it is dealing and fighting against the people, programs, and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me and i added it by sa
.n.? we'll hear a former spokesman for four u.s. ambassadors, next. >> you will get your chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. the answer is -- >> you're asking me a question. >> that wasn't a question. that was a statement. i don't think the american people believe that. jon: fallout from the in your face faceoff, which, as you just saw there got pretty heated at times. what did the combative nature of last night's showdown do to both candidates and their likeability qosh cents? what impact will the second debate have on the race for the white house? juning us for a fair and balanced debate, mary katharine ham, and simon rosenberg, from a leading progressive think tank and former clinton campaign advisor as well. we brought you both on because you have differing views of the debate last night. mary katherine you think essentially it was a draw. >> i think it was more contentious because in the first debate only one side was fightinging a many even on the left have said. obama would come to the table with more this time, be more aggressive. i think romney relies les
. not iran, not libya, and not the u.s./israeli relationship. jenna: well, aaron, we appreciate you being part of the chattering class, because otherwise we'd have no one to talk to about this. [laughter] you mentioned when you're on stage with the president, you can't be the president because your sitting next to someone who holds that position. and the president did not lose the opportunity to point that out. let's take a listen. >> you say that you're not interested in duplicating what happened in iraq, but just a few weeks ago you said you think we should have more troops in iraq right now. and the challenge we have, i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but every time you've offered an opinion, you've been wrong. you said we should have gone into iraq despite the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction. jenna: i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, seen as one of the zingers of the debate, aaron. what about experience? you have worked with a lot of people that have had some experience, those who have h
of the u.s. coast guard. commander, what is the latest with this rescue? >> good morning. woe had 16 crewmembers on board had to leave the vessel as it was sinking. we dispatched helicopters from air station elizabeth city that arrived on scene. they have recovered 14 of those passengers. they're back on deck at air station elizabeth city and appear to be in good health. currently two people are unaccounted for at this time. we've got aircraft on scene conducting a search. jenna: the 14 passengers that you were able to recover at this time, were they on lifeboats? >> they had, they had life-saving suits emerges suits onboard, life rafts with 18 to 20 foot seas. a couple made in the life rafts and a some we had to pull out of the ocean. jenna: two unaccounted for do you believe that to be in the situation in those suits but in the water? >> that is our understanding as we, we believe that they were washed over deck, overboard as they were trying to get into the life rafts, and washed away. our understanding they do have emerges suits on and like i said, hopefully that will facilitate
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)